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ACB calculations may be purchased in bundles ranging in size from 10 to 500. The larger the bundle, the lower the price per calculation, and since they have no expiry date, you can comfortably select the bundle that best meets your requirements.

Having had many years of experience with income trusts, closed-end funds, ETF’s and split shares, we are well aware of what is involved in performing these calculations manually, or waiting for someone else to do them for you. By using the ACB Tracking system, you are able to get the information that you require in just a few minutes at a cost ranging from $2.99 to $8.50 per calculation! We are also very sensitive to your concern regarding the accuracy of the data. Please select the  Data Quality tab to learn more about this very important benefit of using ACB Tracking. Our adjusted cost base calculator prices are as follows:

 Number of Calculations Price
1 10 $85
2 25 $195
3 50 $350
4 100 $595
5 250 $1125
 6  500 $1495

Our Commitment to You
At ACB Tracking we are committed to providing a valuable service at a reasonable price. We are proud to say that since inception in 2007, our clients have confirmed that we have consistently delivered on that promise. We are also pleased that since then we have maintained our original pricing structure.

How much is your time worth?
Typically, simple ACB calculations should only require a few minutes using our service. Doing them manually, which involves data acquisition and processing, can require an hour or more for each one. In more complex cases involving mergers, name changes and splits/consolidations, a single calculation may take hours to complete when done manually. The ACB Tracking calculator automatically factors in all of these events, resulting in the production of a complete report in minutes. In addition, you will not miss the benefit of factoring in phantom distributions that increase the ACB thereby reducing the investor's tax liability. These are commonly missed since they are not always readily identifiable unless you know what to look for. We do.

If you have not already done so, we suggest that you take a few minutes and view the Tutorials. Here you will see how easy it is to save many hours of time and provide a value-added service to your clients.

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