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TrustConverted ToConversion DateConversion Tax Status
Tax Deferred Rollover
Nov 2/10Taxable Event
Not affected
Not converting
Not affected
Not converting
A&W Revenue Royalties Income Fund Not converting
Acadian Timber Income FundAcadian Timber CorporationJan 1/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Advantage Energy Income FundAdvantage Oil and Gas Ltd.Jul 9/09Tax Deferred Rollover
Ag Growth Income FundAg Growth International Inc.Jun 3/09Tax Deferred Rollover
Algonquin Power Income FundAlgonquin Power and Utilities Corp.Oct 27/09Tax Deferred Rollover
Allied Properties Real Estate Investment TrustNot affected
AltaGas Income TrustAltaGas Ltd.Jul 2/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Altus Group Income FundAltus Group LimitedJan 4/11Tax election form required
ARC Energy TrustARC Resources Ltd.Jan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Arctic Glacier Income FundSee Company Website
Armtec Infrastructure Income FundArmtec Infrastructure Inc.Jan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Artis REITNot affected
Atlantic Power Income Part ShrsAtlantic Power CorporationNov 27/09Tax Deferred Rollover
AutoCanada Income FundAutoCanada Inc.Dec 31/09Tax Deferred Rollover
Avenir Diversified Income TrustAvenex Energy Corp.Jan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Badger Income FundBadger Daylighting Ltd.Dec 31/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Baytex Energy TrustBaytex Energy CorporationJan 3/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income FundBell Aliant Inc.Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
BFI Canada Income FundBFI Canada Ltd.Oct 1/08Tax Deferred Rollover
Big Rock Brewery Income TrustBig Rock Brewery Inc. Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Bird Construction Income FundBird Construction Inc. Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Black Diamond Income FundBlack Diamond Group LimitedDec 31/09Tax Deferred Rollover
Boardwalk Real Estate Investment TrustNot affected
Bonavista Energy TrustBonavista Energy CorporationJan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Bonnett's Energy Services TrustBonnett's Energy CorpJune 30/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Bonterra Energy Income TrustBonterra Energy CorpNov 12/08Tax election form required
Boston Pizza Royalties Income FundNot converting
Boyd Group Income FundNot converting
Brookfield Real Estate Services FundBrookfield Real Estate Services Inc.Dec 31/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Brookfield Renewable Power FundBrookfield Renewable Energy Partners L.P.Nov 28/11Tax election form required
BTB Real Estate Investment TrustNot affected
Canadian Apartment Properties REITNot affected
Canadian Helicopters Income FundCanadian Helicopters Group Inc.Dec 31/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Canadian Oil Sands TrustCanadian Oil Sands LimitedDec 31/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Canadian Real Estate Investment TrustNot affected
Canfor Pulp Income FundCanfor Pulp Products Inc. Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
CanWel Building Materials Income FundCanWel Holdings Corp.Feb 1/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Carfinco Income FundCarfinco Financial Group Inc.Jan 3/12Tax Deferred Rollover
Cargojet Income FundCargojet Inc.Jan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Cathedral Energy Services Income TrustCathedral Energy Services Ltd.Dec 18/09Tax Deferred Rollover
Chartwell Seniors Housing Real Estate Investment TrustNot affected
Chemtrade Logistics Income FundNot converting
Chesswood Income FundChesswood Group LimitedJan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
CI Financial Income FundCI Financial CorporationJan 1/09Tax Deferred Rollover
Cineplex Galaxy Income FundCineplex Inc.Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Clearwater Seafoods Income FundClearwater Seafoods IncorporatedOct 2/11Tax Deferred Rollover
CML Healthcare Income FundCML Healthcare Inc.Jan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Coast Wholesale Appliances Income FundCoast Inc.Jan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Colabor Income FundColabor Group Inc.Aug 25/09Tax Deferred Rollover
Cominar REITNot affected
Consumers' Waterheater Income Fund (The)EnerCare Inc.Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Contrans Income FundContrans Group Inc.Dec 1/09Tax Deferred Rollover
Crescent Point Energy TrustCrescent Point Energy Corp.Jul 2/09Tax Deferred Rollover
Crombie REITNot affected
Data Group Income Fund (The)Data Group Inc.Jan 1/12Tax Deferred Rollover
Davis + Henderson Income FundDavis & Henderson Corp.Jan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Daylight Resources TrustDaylight Energy Ltd.May 7/10Tax Deferred Rollover
DirectCash Income FundDirectCash Payments Inc.Jan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Enbridge Income FundEnbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc.Dec 17/10Tax election form required
Enerplus Resources FundEnerplus CorporationJan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Enterra Energy TrustEqual Energy Ltd.May 31/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Essential Energy Services TrustEssential Energy Services Ltd.Apr 29/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Exchange Industrial Income FundExchange Industrial CorporationJul 29/09Tax Deferred Rollover
Extendicare REITExtendicare Inc.Jul1/12Tax Deferred Rollover
Firm Capital Mtg Invmnt TrustFirm Capital Mtg Invmnt Corp. Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
First National Financial Income FundFirst National Financial CorporationJan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
FP Newspapers Income FundFP Newspapers Inc.Dec 31/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Freehold Royalty TrustFreehold Royalties Ltd.Jan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Futuremed HealthCare Income FundFuturemed Healthcare Pdts CorpJan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Gamehost Income FundGamehost Inc.Dec 31/10Tax Deferred Rollover
General Donlee Income FundGeneral Donlee Canada Inc.Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
GENIVAR Income FundGENIVAR Inc.Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
GMP Capital TrustGMP Capital Inc.May 15/09Tax Deferred Rollover
H&R Real Estate Investment Trust Stapled UnitNot affected
Hardwoods Distribution Income FundHardwoods Distribution Inc.July 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Home Equity Income TrustHOMEQ CorporationJun 30/09Tax Deferred Rollover
IBI Income FundIBI Group Inc.Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Innergex Power Income FundInnergex Renewable Energy Inc.Mar 29/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Inter Pipeline FundInter Pipeline LtdSept 1/13Tax election form required
InterRent REITNot affected
Jazz Air Income FundChorus Aviation Inc.Jan 4/11Tax election form required
Just Energy Income FundJust Energy Group Inc.Jan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
K-Bro Linen Income FundK-Bro Linen Inc.Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Keg Royalties Income Fund (The)Not converting
Keyera Facilities Income FundKeyera Corp.Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Labrador Iron Ore Rlty Income FundLabrador Iron Ore Rlty Corp.July 1/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Lakeview Hotel Real Estate Investment TrustLakeview Hotel Investment CorpDec 31/12Tax Deferred Rollover
Lanesborough Real Estate Investment TrustNot converting
Liquor Stores Income FundLiquor Stores N.A. Ltd.Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Macquarie Pwr & Infrastructure Income FndMacquarie Pwr & Infrastructure CorpJan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Morguard REITNot affected
Morneau Sobeco Income FundMorneau Shepell Inc.Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Mullen Group Income FundMullen Group Ltd.May 1/09Tax election form required
NAL Oil & Gas TrustNAL Energy CorporationJan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
New Flyer Industries Inc.See Company Website
Newalta Income FundNewaltaDec 31/08Tax election form required
Newport Partners Income FundNewport IncApril 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Noranda Income FundTo be Determined
North West Company FundNorth West Company Inc.Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Northland Power Income TrustNorthland Power Inc.Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Paramount Energy TrustPerpetual Energy Inc.Jun 30/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Park Lawn Income TrustPark Lawn CorporationJan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Parkland Income FundParkland Fuel Corp.Dec 31/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Partners Real Estate Investment TrustNot affected
PDM Royalties Income FundImvescor Restaurant Group Inc.Oct 10/09Tax Deferred Rollover
Peak Energy Services TrustPeak Energy Services Ltd.Jan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Pembina Pipeline Income FundPembina Pipeline CorporationOct 1/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Pengrowth Energy TrustPengrowth Energy CorporationDec 31/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Penn West Energy TrustPenn West ExplorationJan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Petrowest Energy Services TrustPetrowest CorporationJuly 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Peyto Energy TrustPeyto Exploration & Development CorpJan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Phoenix Technology Income FundPHX Energy Services CorpDec 31/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Pollard Banknote Income FundPollard Banknote LimitedMay 14/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Precision Drilling TrustPrecision Drilling CorporationJun 1/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Premium Brands Income FundPremium Brands Holding CorporationJul 22/09Tax Deferred Rollover
Primaris Retail REITNot affected
Prime Restaurants Royalty Income FundPrime Restaurants Inc. Apr 1/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Progress Energy TrustProgress Energy Resources Corp.Jan 15/09Tax Deferred Rollover
Provident Energy TrustProvident Energy Ltd.Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
PRT Forest Regeneration Income FundPRT Growing Services Ltd.Oct 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Pure Industrial Real Estate TrustNot affected
Retrocom Mid-Market Real Estate Investment TrustNot affected
Richards Packaging Income FundNot converting
RioCan Real Estate Investment TrustNot affected
Rogers Sugar Income FundRogers Sugar Inc.Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Royal Host REITRoyal Host Inc.Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Second Cup Royalty Income FundSecond Cup Ltd.Jan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
SFK Pulp FundFibrek Inc.May 25/10Tax Deferred Rollover
SIR Royalty Income FundNot converting
Sterling Shoes Income FundSterling Shoes Inc. Jul 2/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Strongco Income FundStrongco CorporationJul 2/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Summit Industrial Income REITNot affected
Sun Gro Horticulture Income FundSun Gro Horticulture Inc.Dec 31/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Income FundTen Peaks Coffee Company Inc.Jan 4/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Temple REITTemple Hotels Inc.Dec 31/12Tax Deferred Rollover
TerraVest Income FundTerravest Capital Inc.Oct 31/12Tax Deferred Rollover
Total Energy Services TrustTotal Energy Services Inc.May 20/09Tax Deferred Rollover
Tree Island Wire Income FundTree Island Steel Ltd.Oct 1/12Tax Deferred Rollover
Trilogy Energy TrustTrilogy Energy Corp.Feb 5/10Tax election form required
Vermilion Energy TrustVermillion Energy Inc.1/Sep/10Tax Deferred Rollover
Vicwest Income FundVicwest Inc.Jan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Village Farms Income FundVillage Farms International Inc.Dec 31/09Tax Deferred Rollover
Wajax Income FundWajax CorporationJan 1/11Tax Deferred Rollover
Westshore Terminals Income FundWestshore Terminals Inv. Corp.Jan 1/11Tax election form required
Whiterock Real Estate Investment TrustNot affected
Yellow Pages Income FundYellow Media Inc.Nov 1/10Tax Deferred Rollover

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