How to Use this Site

Every attempt has been made to ensure that the ACB Tracking website is easy to use, to the point where no training is required to perform your first calculation.

To demonstrate this to new and prospective clients, we have created three short audio-visual Tutorials, which may be accessed by the tab on the left of the home page. These will familiarize you with the overall site and the data entry process, and provide you with details concerning the reports that can be generated by the ACB Tracking Calculator.

By selecting the Important User Notes & Tips tab, you will gain an insight into how we handle mergers, splits and consolidations, instalment receipts, phantom distributions, and various other key items that can impact your ACB calculations.

That’s all there is to it! You are now ready to start calculating.  To open an account, please click on the Open an Account tab on the website home page.

Thank you!

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