List of Funds & Trusts

O'Leary Advantaged Tactical Global Corporate Bond Fund
O'Leary BRIC-Plus Income & Growth Fund
O'Leary Canadian Diversified Income Fund (Go to: Canoe Canadian Diversified Income Fund)
O'Leary Canadian Equity Income Fund
O'Leary Canadian Income Opportunities Fund (OCY.UN)
O'Leary Canadian Income Opportunities Fund 2 (OCH.UN)
O'Leary Founder's Series Income & Growth Fund (OFS.UN)
O'Leary Global Equity Income Fund (OGE.UN)
O'Leary Global Income Opportunities Fund
O'Leary Global Infrastructure Fund (OGN.UN)
O'Leary Hard Asset Income Fund
O'Leary U.S. Strategic Yield Advantaged Fund (Go to: Canoe U.S. Strategic Yield Advantaged Fund)
OCP Credit Strategy Fund (OCS.UN)
OCP Senior Credit Fund (OSL.UN)
Oil Sands and Energy Mega-Projects Trust
Oil Sands Sector Fund (OSF.UN)
Oil Sands Split Trust (Capital Units)
Oil Sands Split Trust (Preferred Securities)
ONE Global Equity ETF (ONEQ)
ONE North American Core Plus Bond ETF (ONEB)
Original Commerce Split Corp. (Priority Equity Shares)
Original Commerce Split Fund (Class A Shares)

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