Data Quality

At ACB Tracking Inc., the excellence of our product and the quality of the service to our clients are top priorities. As part of this commitment, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that all information is as up-to-date and as accurate as possible at all times. Each of the over 98,000 lines of data has been checked and rechecked before being entered into our data base by experienced investment professionals familiar with these securities. In some cases, where we felt clarification was appropriate, the individual funds or trusts involved were contacted directly. No data has been entered by any external data entry service. While we pride ourselves on the efforts we have taken to ensure the accuracy of our database, we realize that errors can still occur. Please contact us if you happen to run across a data item that you believe to be inaccurate.


Advise Service

Every year, beginning in mid-January, ETFs, Closed-End Funds, Income Trusts and Split Shares report the previous year's distribution data including return of capital information. We realize that you would appreciate knowing as soon as possible when this information has been added to our database, so that you may calculate the ACBs of positions that have been sold during the previous taxation year. The ACB Tracking Advise Service has been designed to assist you with this.

If you are a registered user who has purchased calculations, you may create an Advise List on your Account Page and we will inform you when these companies have reported their distribution and tax data for 2022. This will save you the inconvenience of checking our website for this information. There is no additional charge for this service. Please go to the Advise Service page for a detailed description of how to do this.

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