Advise Service


As a registered user of the ACB Tracking service,  you are able to create and manage your own list of Funds and Trusts in which you have an interest, and you will be automatically advised when the distribution data has been entered into the ACB Tracking database. There is no additional charge for this service.  Simply do the following:

1) Go to your Account Page by clicking on your user name after you have logged in. Your user name is located at the bottom left of your screen under "Logged in as".

2) Click on the "Advise Service" tab at the top of the account page.

3) Using the same procedure as selecting a Fund or Trust for an ACB calculation, build your Advise List. You can have an unlimited number of names on your Advise List, and should delete them when they no longer interest you.

4) We suggest that you wait until well after tax season is over before deleting any entries, since we will use your Advise List to inform you of significant revisions, if any.

5) Please note that if a Fund or Trust has already reported when you add it to your list, you will NOT receive notification that it has been updated. You will, however, be notified of any subsequent material revisions. When you add a Fund or Trust to your list, you will notice that the year of the most recent data appears at the left of the names in the drop-down menu. 

At ACB Tracking we are constantly working to save you time and money at tax time with timely and accurate service. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Thank you.


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