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2024 represents our 18th year of making it easy for Canadian accountants, investment advisors and investors to accurately calculate the adjusted cost bases of listed Canadian Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Closed-end Funds, REITs, Income Trusts and Split Shares through our unique website.


Return of Capital and Phantom Distributions

The Canada Revenue Agency requires investors to accurately calculate an adjusted cost base for tax purposes when investments are sold.  Distributions for the above listed securities may include a return of capital that reduces the adjusted cost base of the holding.

However, phantom distributions are non-cash distributions that increase the adjusted cost base of the security.  Often not reported clearly, phantom distributions may range from a few cents to several dollars per unit.  Over 3,000 phantom distributions have been made by various listed trusts over the years -- over 2,700 from currently active Canadian ETFs alone.  An investor, tax preparer or investment advisor, could easily forget to increase the adjusted cost base for securities that made phantom distributions over a period of several years.  This would result in an over-payment of taxes upon the sale of the investment -- and by using ACB Tracking, this won't happen!

The Most Complete and Accurate Database Available

ACB Tracking was developed by investment industry professionals averaging over 30 years of investment experience.  Our data base contains over 100,000 lines of data and is the most comprehensive and accurate of its kind available.  All data is entered, checked and re-checked by the principals of the company who are extremely familiar with these securities.  New funds are added as they are created.  In a survey, our clients overwhelmingly said that their confidence level in our data accuracy was either high or very high.


Easy to Use

ACB Tracking is easy to use!   Users enter buy and sell information, and the ACB Tracking data base automatically calculates the adjusted cost base quickly and accurately, taking into consideration return of capital, phantom distributions, share splits and consolidations and tax-deferred mergers.  And no missing phantom distributions!

There is no time wasted looking up and entering countless lines of data -- the ACB Tracking data base does it all for you.   No software ever needs to be downloaded, as calculations are completed on line.   The highly confidential detailed PDF reports generated are then saved by the user, as they are expunged by ACB Tracking after seven days.

In a survey, 98% of our clients said that the resulting reports were complete and clear, and 100% said that any questions were handled promptly.

Saving You Time and Money

Clients have told us that ACB Tracking has saved them more than 90% of the time required to do these calculations manually, saving both time and money.

At  ACB Tracking, we are extremely proud of our service and invite you to click on the Testimonials tab to see what financial professionals across Canada are saying about this time-saving and money-saving tool for calculating adjusted cost bases, and how it is....

"As Easy As ACB"


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