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2018 represents our 12th year of making it easy for Canadian accountants, investment advisors and investors to calculate the adjusted cost bases of Canadian Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Closed-end Funds, REITS, Income Trusts and Split Shares through the use of our unique website application.

Canada Revenue Agency requires investors to accurately calculate an adjusted cost base (ACB) for tax purposes when these investments are sold. A very large percentage of ETFs, Closed-end Funds, REITs, Income Trusts and Split Shares pay regular distributions that include an amount that is a tax deferred return of capital (ROC). Each of these ROC amounts reduces the ACB of the investment and must be accumulated to arrive at the accurate ACB used to calculate the capital gain or loss upon disposition. Tracking the ROC amounts is extremely tedious and time-consuming.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

ACB Tracking Can Save You Time And Money!

We have the distribution and ROC data on all Canadian ETFs, Closed-end Funds, REITs, Income Trusts and Split Shares and are adding new funds as they are created. You simply enter your buys and sells, and ACB Tracking quickly and accurately calculates the adjusted cost base taking into consideration splits, consolidations, mergers, and phantom distributions. Phantoms add to the ACB – you definitely do not want to miss these!  Developed by investment professionals averaging over 30 years of experience, our website can be used with ease and confidence.

Income Trusts Convert to Corporations

On October 31, 2006, the Finance Minister announced his plan to change the way most income trusts and LPs were taxed. On December 31, 2010, the ability of SIFTs (Specified Investment Flow-through entities) to benefit from flow-through tax treatment ended. As a result, many income trusts have converted to corporations on either a tax-deferred or taxable basis, although a few decided to remain as trusts.  Most Real Estate Investment Trusts were not affected by the new tax legislation. It is important to recognize that disposition of shares in a corporation that was originally purchased as a SIFT when part of the distribution was deemed to be return of capital will require an ACB Calculation. For more detailed information on the conversion of trusts into corporations, including a table that contains the Income Trust name, the name of the Corporation into which it converted, the conversion date and the tax consequences of the conversion, please click on the "Trust Conversion" tab on the left side of this page.

ETFs and Phantom Distributions

Phantom distributions are non-cash distributions. These payments increase the ACB of the position and, if not tracked properly, will result in the investor paying tax twice on the same distribution. As an investor, tax preparer or investment advisor, one could easily forget to increase the ACB on funds that made phantom payments over a period of years. This could result in a significant overstatement of the tax liability upon disposition. Over 1,100 phantom distributions have been made by various listed funds -- over 800 of those by exchange traded funds alone. Phantom distributions can range from a few cents to several dollars per unit.  You cannot afford to miss these, and by using ACB Tracking, you won't!

The Most Complete and Accurate Distribution Database for Income Trusts, Closed-End Funds and ETFs Available!

Without question, the database created by ACB Tracking is the most comprehensive and accurate of its kind available. All data is entered, checked and re-checked by experienced investment professionals extremely familiar with these securities. In a survey, our clients overwhelmingly said that their confidence level in our data accuracy was either high or very high. In addition, over half of our clients stated that the ACB Tracking service saved them more than 90% of the time required to do the calculations manually! Finally, 98% said that our reports were complete and clear, and 100% said that their questions were handled promptly. We at ACB Tracking are extremely proud of our service and invite you to click on the Testimonials tab to see what financial professionals across Canada are saying about this time-saving and money-saving tool for calculating adjusted cost bases, and how it is....

"As Easy As ACB"


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